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Delay in city Regeneration needs urgent clarification

19 May, 2008

Sinn Féin’s Maurice Quinlivan has called on the regeneration agencies to give a guarantee that there are not any major problems with the regeneration projects in Limerick as the publishing of the master plan for both areas has been delayed.  Quinlivan said as builders pulled out of the Public Private Partnership arrangements for regeneration projects in Dublin people in Limerick are rightly worried about regeneration problems there.  The agencies now have a duty to allay fears that exist.


Quinlivan said, “In January this year President Mary McAleese, in a great day for Limerick, launched the vision documents for Moyross and Southill.   This was to be followed by the publication of master plans for both areas in June.  It is my understanding now that the master plans have been moved back for publication until 30th of September at the earliest.   Obviously this will have a knock on effect as to when building work will eventually commence in these areas.


“There is now understandable fear and apprehension about the reason for this delay and the regeneration agencies have a duty to ally these fears.  Given the faith of some of the regeneration projects in Dublin as the builders pulled out of Public Private Partnership arrangements, the people of Limerick are rightly worried about our regeneration projects.


“The damage done to confidence in these areas cannot be underestimated when plans such as the much-lauded RAPID plan failed to deliver and make any significant impact on social exclusion and deprivation.


“This cannot be allowed to happen again.  The regeneration boards need to act quickly to quash the rumours circulating throughout the estates.  They must give a guarantee that there are no major problems with the regeneration projects in Limerick.  There also needs to be widespread consultation with local residents in all of the regeneration areas to explain the reason for the delay in publishing the master plans for the areas.


“Many people have expressed a real fear that there is a drawing back and if not acted on quickly confidence in and support for the regeneration process could suffer. The boards should engage with people on the basis of the plans ready thus far in a progress report type clarification.” Críoch

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