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Northern Citizens Denial of Democracy on Lisbon Highlighted

26 May, 2008

Ógra Shinn Féin activists protested outside Belfast City Hall at the weekend, to highlight the denial of democracy by Fianna Fáil and the Irish Government, in their desperate attempts to push through the Lisbon Treaty. The youth wing of Sinn Féin held a protest with street theatre, and distributed 1,000s of leaflets posing the question, "Why can't you vote in the Lisbon Treaty?"; in reference to the denial of Irish Citizens in the 6 counties from voting in the upcoming referendum.Ulster Ógra organiser, Cllr. Johnny McGibbon commented,"This referendum effects the entire country, but only citizens in the 26 counties will be casting a vote. We engaged with many people who where bitterly angry at not being allowed to exercise their democratic right, which was promised under the Good Friday Agreement.""Fianna Fáil continuously tell us of their Republican credentials, yet with this treaty there was an ideal opportunity to put all-Ireland politics into action, which they failed to act upon."He continued,"It seems those campaigning for a Yes vote, are not interested in the full facts of the treaty; and in the case of Fianna Fáil, aren't interested in all-Ireland democracy.""Ógra Shinn Féin will be stepping up our actions in the weeks leading up to the referendum urging Irish citizens with a vote, to reject the Lisbon Treaty. We will be particulary focusing on the youth vote and engaging young people, as it will be our generation who will suffer worst if the Lisbon Treaty is passed.""In the interests of a better Europe and a better Ireland, let's make sure it's a resounding NO! 2 Lisbon come 12th of June!"

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