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Moves to reduce Co2 emissions from new cars a welcome step - de Brún MEP

28 May, 2008

From Brussels, Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún has welcomed proposed new EU regulations to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars.

Speaking at the European Parliament's Environment Committee, Ms de Brún said:

"The debate on the EU regulations to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars is an essential part of meeting carbon reduction targets. The road transport sector is the second highest source of greenhouse gas emissions. All sectors of the car industry and wider society must play their part in bring this level down.

"The European Commission proposes to set the average CO2 emissions for new passenger cars at 130 g CO2/km by means of improvement in vehicle motor technology plus additional measures corresponding to 10 g/km. This could and should be further tightened as the savings resulting would be enormous.

"Between 1990 and 2005, EU CO2 emissions from transport increased by 32%. I am happy to see that my European Parliament colleague has proposed a long term target of 95 g CO2/km by 2020 but I believe that this should be further strengthened.

"Compliance should be administered through penalties, and those penalties must be set a level that is high enough. If the penalty is not higher than the cost of making technical improvements to new cars then there will be no incentive to do this. Income from fines from firms that fail to meet targets should go to support research programmes aimed at producing greener vehicles and lower emissions." Críoch

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