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Sectarian graffiti in Boveedy

29 May, 2008

Sinn Féin councillor Billy Leonard has said that sectarian graffiti that appeared at a housing development site in Boveedy outside Coleraine has brought dishonour on the area.

Leonard received complaints that the words 'no taig buyers' appeared on the hoarding at the site and also opposite the site. They were painted over by early afternoon yesterday.

Leonard said:

"To experience this type of graffiti in 2008 is truly disgraceful. People will appreciate that members of the Boveedy community will be embarrassed by the actions of the few who carried out this act.

At a time when society is trying to move away from ethnic separation some people have shown the level of their thinking by painting the words 'no taig buyers'. What happens now if a Catholic was interested in moving into the area? The line of ethnic hatred has been drawn.

I would like to think that people will work quietly in the background to lessen these tensions and like the rest of us try to work against negative and sectarian graffiti of this type." ENDS

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