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No to EURATOM No to Lisbon

2 June, 2008

Sinn Féin Louth Cllr. Tómas Sharkey today took part in a street theatre protest organised by Ógra Shinn Féin outside the EU parliament building on Dawson Street to highlight the commitment made to EURATOM in the Lisbon Treaty.


Cllr. Sharkey was recently successful in securing unanimous support by Louth Council for a motion opposing nuclear energy and reject the European Atomic Energy Commission, also known as EURATOM.


Speaking from Dublin today Cllr. Sharkey said:


“Support for EURATOM is written into the Lisbon Treaty. Protocol 2 of the Lisbon Treaty dealing with the European Atomic Energy Commission states that EURATOM 'should continue to have full effect'.


“One of the primary goals of EURATOM is the promotion of nuclear energy. Irish people reject nuclear energy. The Lisbon Treaty like its predecessors mandates the EU to promote nuclear energy. At present Ireland contributes in the region of €8million of Irish taxpayers’ money into EURATOM every year. The Irish government could have secured an opt-out from this commitment. It did not seek to do so.


"Recently Fianna Fáil tabled a motion calling on Louth County Council to support the Lisbon Treaty. I noted to the Council that support for the Treaty would contravene the Council's opposition to the Nuclear Industry. Fianna Fáil agreed with this position and ruled that the Council could not carry support for the Lisbon Treaty.  This is just one example of the contradictions of the political parties who on one hand support the treaty yet would reject much of its outworking.


“On June 12th the electorate will have to make a significant decision. Regardless of what the YES Campaign would have you believe the Lisbon Treaty referendum is a decision on Ireland’s place in Europe. This is untrue. It is about the content and implications of the treaty for Ireland’s democracy, public services, workers rights, and position as a military neutral. That is what we are voting on.


“The fact is Ireland’s place in Europe is secure regardless of what democratic decision the people of this state take. The question is whether the Lisbon Treaty is in Ireland’s interests or whether we should send the government back to negotiate a better deal. I believe Ireland and Europe deserves better.” CRÍOCH


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