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McDonald - it is possible to get a better deal for Ireland in Europe

5 June, 2008

Speaking at a press conference in Dublin today, Sinn Féin MEP for Dublin Mary Lou McDonald has said that, "It is possible to get a better deal for Ireland in Europe if the Irish people vote no on June 12th and send the government back to the negotiations with a strong mandate."

Ms McDonald said:

"With one week left to go, Sinn Féin is urging the electorate to ask themselves why we should support a deal which is so obviously not in the interests of Ireland or the European Union. To date the government has yet to give a single convincing reason why people should support the Lisbon Treaty.

"They have yet to explain how it is in Ireland's interests for Ireland to lose a Commissioner and reduce our voting strength at Council.

"They have yet to explain how undermining public services and workers rights is in the best interests of our economy or how losing key vetos on public services and international trade will benefit anyone.

"They have yet to explain how increased military expenditure and continued support for nuclear power is in the interests of the people.

"Rather they are trying to bully and cajole people into accepting a deal which is clearly not in our interests.

"In recent weeks the government has been exposed on a number of fronts. They are wrong on tax. They are wrong on the trade veto. They are wrong on neutrality. They are wrong on the loss of a commissioner. And they are wrong on the loss of voting strength on the Council.

"All of these issues are bad for Ireland and will result in Ireland having far less power. It should be rejected on June 12th and the Irish government should be sent back to get a better deal in Europe. The government must:

· Secure a permanent Irish EU Commissioner.
· Copperfasten key strategic vetoes on public services, taxation and intern

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