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Brian Cowen's refusal to support the right to collective bargaining is not surprising

7 June, 2008

Sinn Féin spokesperson on workers rights Arthur Morgan TD has said that he is "disappointed but not surprised by Brian Cowan's refusal to respond positively to SIPTUs request for legislation guaranteeing the right to collective bargaining."

The Louth TD said:

"SIPTU's request for the government to introduce legislation protecting the right to collective bargaining is reasonable and right. Sinn Féin supports such legislation and published a bill to provide for the right to collective bargaining and mandatory trade union recognition last week.

"Brian Cowan's refusal to respond positively to SIPTU's request is disappointing but not surprising. It demonstrates once again that this government is not serious about promoting and protecting workers rights.

"It also explodes the myth that the Lisbon Treaty provides any meaningful tools for protecting workers wages and conditions. Rather the Treaty promotes an economic policy that facilitates companies undercutting workers wages and conditions in a race to the bottom.

"Clearly the Lisbon Treaty is a bad deal for workers. A strong no vote on June 12 will give the government a strong mandate to secure a batter deal for workers in any future negotiations." ENDS

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