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Supermarket giants need to develop social conscience - McCann MLA

10 June, 2008

Sinn Féin MLA Jennifer McCann has stated that supermarket giants need to develop a social conscience after Tesco announced another growth in the sales of food.

Ms McCann said:

"The announcement by Tesco's that it sales have again increased by 3.5% mainly in the value food sector highlights the fact that many people are opting for the cheaper alternative when choosing their food.

"Recently Tesco announced a 12% pre-tax profit - of £2.8 billion however this huge profit is not reflected in lowering staple food prices as the move towards the value sector shows.

"These value products are not of the same quality or nutritional value as many similar branded products and this is now being reflected in the weekly shopping basket as branded goods are being priced out of the reach of many shoppers especially those on low income.

"Pensioners and those dependent on benefits are finding it harder to make ends meet and the swing to cheaper less nutritional products is a cause of concern. In order to maintain a healthy life style fresh food needs to be affordable to everyone however basic food items such as fruit, vegetables, milk and bread are the items that have seen the largest increases putting them out of reach of many low income families.

"Large supermarket chains need to reflect a social conscience by keeping basic staple foods as low as possible even if it means smaller dividends for shareholders." Críoch

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