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Sinn Féin celebrate triple Hat Trick

9 June, 2008

Sinn Féin supporters have celebrated an historic third term as mayor on Limavady borough council. After the election of Cllr Brenda Chivers a celebration traditional Irish music night was attended by 150 supporters in Limavady town centre last Friday.

Newly elected mayor Cllr Chivers said.

"It is a great honour to follow in the footsteps of my party colleagues Anne Brolly and John McElhinney and indeed a privilege to be the first ever mayor from Drumsurn.

"I thought it was highly symbolic that while we were celebrating to the tunes of Irish traditional music at Friday nights party 50 Orange bands were holding a parade on the street outside. This is tangible evidence that both sides of our community can celebrate their own culture and tradition peacefully side by side in a shared space. My key objective in the year ahead is to represent all the people of Limavady borough without exception."

Sinn Féin was also celebrating another hat trick when Cllr Paddy Butcher was appointed chair of Planning Services at last weeks AGM. It is unprecedented for Sinn Féin to hold this position for three years back to back. Cllr Butcher was the first ever republican to hold the position in 2007 and handed over to his party colleague Cathal Ó hOisín last year.

Cllr Butcher said:

"It was strategically important for us to hold this chair for three years as we had always been excluded in the past. It's certainly my favourite area of local government because it is so important to every family setting up a home and it attracts enquiries in our advice centres from all sides of the community."

With the election of Cllr Marion Donaghy to the chair of Support Services Sinn Féin will now control three of the five committee chairs in the forthcoming year. "Three is the magic number" commented Cllr Donaghy. Críoch

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