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Incinerators not a solution to the climate problem

12 June, 2008

Speaking prior to a vote on a report on waste management next Tuesday in Strasbourg, Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún has said that incinerators are not a solution to the climate problem.

Ms de Brún continued,

"Many people throughout the EU will be very concerned at the proposal to 're-brand' incinerators as a form of recovery if they meet certain efficiency criteria.

"This will have huge implications for Ireland.

"This obviously ignores the evidence that incineration is a climate problem and not a climate solution.

"It does not go nearly far enough to help reduce Europe's waste problem as well as major health problems arising within the concerned population due to lack of adequate emission controls.

"It also ignores the climate benefits we now risk losing.

''I will tell members in the European Parliament during the debate on Monday night that promoting incineration actually takes away from the efforts that need to be made on reduction, re-use and recycling.

"This is a point I will also be re-iterating with our new Environment Minister Sammy Wilson.

"I have put down an amendment in the European Parliament to delete the 're-branding' proposal ahead of the vote next Tuesday." Críoch

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