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Parents take to the streets over cuts to school bus service

16 June, 2008

Concerned parents will bring their protest against the decision of the Southern Education Library Board (SELB) to cut the school bus service in South Armagh onto tomorrow, Tuesday 17th June.

Parents will walk with their children along the Concession Road to highlight the issues of safety on Tuesday morning at 8.20 am at Clonalig in South Armagh.

Speaking ahead of the protest Cllr Hearty said:

"The announcement by the Southern Education and Library Board that they are withdrawing the school bus services to some schools in the South Armagh area has come as a shock to all.

"Out of the blue the SELB have announced that they are ceasing bus services for children to schools throughout the area. Their reasoning is questionable and seems to have been totally dictated by finance without any thought of the Health and well being of our children."

Sinn Féin have asked for an immediate meeting between the Council and SELB representatives to discuss the situation.

Cllr Hearty added:

"Clonalig primary School and St Josephs High in my own area are loosing their buses. There has been a bus running from Culloville to Crossmaglen for 34 years. Clonalig School is on the Concession road, a road with a well document history of traffic collisions and accidents. The SELB by their decision to withdraw Bus Services for our Children are dismissing the dangers that will no doubt result because of the bus withdrawal."

Councillor Jimmy McCreesh also confirmed that Ballymoyer and Newtownhamilton schools would also be impacted on. He said:

"These are vibrant and sustainable rural schools. The actions taken by the SELB to stop services means putting more cars and children on our roads. Surely the health and well being of our children has to be measured more than in monetary terms." ENDS

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