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Report on Road Deaths gives no help in reducing accidents – Boylan

18 June, 2008

A report carried out by the Criminal Justice Inspectorate highlighting the unacceptable death toll on our roads gives no real answers to the causes or prevention of road traffic accidents states Sinn Féin Road Safety spokesperson, Cathal Boylan.

'This report deals with the failure of the PSNI to follow through on proper procedure regarding accident procedures and prosecutions. It gives no guidelines or how best to prevent the accidents happening in the first place,' said the Newry and Armagh MLA.

'Once again it highlights the need for more education and for information to be implemented and put in the public domain, so that drivers stop speeding, take more care when driving and realize the hazards that could be just around any corner'.

'Each day a routine journey is never the same, no matter how many times the driver has made it, traffic conditions, weather conditions and pedestrian activity, will ensure no two journeys are exactly the same. Drivers have to realize this and take all factors into account when they get behind a wheel, for the one significant thing that this report did highlight was the unacceptably high death rate on our roads.' ENDS

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