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Sinn Féin’s Noel Sheridan set to become Mayor of Armagh City and District Council

16 June, 2008

Armagh City and District Councillor Noel Sheridan has been nominated by his Party to be next Mayor of Armagh City and District Council.

Describing his nomination as a great honour the Sinn Féin Councillor said that in his role he would be committed to working to deliver as best as practically possible for all communities, for citizens, and in particular for the most disadvantaged.

"The challenges of change and progress are many. We must work together, ag obair le chéile and move forward together, ar aghaidh le chéile, as we endeavour to build safer, healthier, happier communities" said Noel.

"It is a great honour for me to be nominated by Sinn Féin as Mayor of Armagh City and District Council. I accept this nomination fully aware of the responsibility and expectations that it carries. I am proud to be an Irish Republican. I want to see a re-united Ireland created by peaceful and democratic means. I want to see the unity of the Orange and the Green. That is my political ideology, my beliefs, and my vision."

"There is much hurt within every section of our community. People have lost loved ones and many others have been injured in the course of the conflict.

"Together, we must face the challenge of ending the divisions and old hatred in our society, and helping to ensure and encourage reconciliation and healing for all where practically possible.

"We all have our part to play to end the divisions and old hatreds, not only here in Armagh City and District but throughout our island. That means pro-actively tackling the scourge of sectarianism. Difference in our past meant division. In the future we need to ensure that difference isn't seen as a threat but instead as something to cherish and celebrate.

"We want to live free of crime and in an atmosphere of safety and well-being. All our people want to feel safe in their homes. We want proper social and affordable housing, full and accessible health care facilities and decent sporting recreational and leisure facilities. The ratepayers of Armagh City and District Council all want value for our money, openness and transparency in all Council affairs.

"We need to start talking to each other and not at each other. And we as political leaders must take the lead, particularly here in this Council Chamber. If elected Mayor I will be extending the hand of friendship to all and I hope that this is accepted in the spirit that I give it, an open heart and an open mind." ENDS

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