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de Brún welcomes Ken Livingstone comments on incineration

25 June, 2008

Monday, the 23rd of July, saw Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún as theme leader for a thematic session on climate change in the European Parliament in Brussels, with former London Mayor Ken Livingstone as the key speaker.

The session was entitled "Achieving rapid CO2 emissions in a short time - learning from best practices"

Ken Livingstone said that highlighting the benefits of saving money by reusing and recycling was an important first step in winning popular support for climate change policies. He described recycling as a crucial step in reducing emissions. He also said that "incineration should be skipped in order to use more efficient ways of getting rid of waste".

Speaking after the meeting Ms de Brún said:

"I listened carefully to what Ken Livingstone had to say on the subject of incineration. This comes at an apt time as the residents of the Lough Neagh area meet tonight in Crumlin to discuss the proposed incinerator. This follows on from the meeting I attended in Glenavy last week where residents put forward a series of reasons why an incinerator should not be built in their area. Speaking in the European Parliament Climate Change Committee on the subject of mass heat generation, Ken Livingstone pointed out that building big installations, usually on the coast and away from the big centres of population wasted as much as 65% of the heat produced through the cooling process. He argued in favour of local generation of heat close to where it would be used."

Ms de Brún continued:

"The participation of former London Mayor Ken Livingstone in the debate here in the European Parliament on climate change is significant, and I am delighted that the committee accepted my proposal to invite him to speak to us. In his time as mayor he introduced many innovative ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and we can learn a lot from him."

Mr Livingstone spoke of the importance of recycling, of insulating homes properly, of using public transport and of not wasting water, saying 'None of these actions mean any more than small changes to our lives but they will make a big difference'." ENDS

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