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Sinn Féin condemn loyalist attack on Catholic home in Stoneyford

25 June, 2008

Sinn Féin's Paul Butler has condemned an attack on a Catholic home in Stoneyford, which occurred in the early hours of last Friday morning. He said that this is yet another innocent Catholic family who have been forced to flee their home because of loyalist intimidation.

The family had kept details of the attack out of the public until they had moved out of the village.

The windows of the dwelling were smashed whilst the Catholic family slept. It is the second time loyalists have attacked the house. Last November the windows in the house were smashed in the early hours of the morning. The previous day a Sinn Fein delegation had met with the Assistant chief Constable to discuss sectarian attacks on the Catholic community in Stoneyford.

Paul Butler said:

"The PSNI took over an hour to respond to the incident highlighting once again their indifference to the campaign by loyalists in Stoneyford to ethnically cleanse the village. Why did it take the PSNI an hour to come to the aid of this family? The PSNI have refused to act against the loyalist gang behind these attacks in the village.

"I call upon Jeffrey Donaldson and other unionist politicians to not just condemn this act but use their influence with loyalists to bring this sectarian campaign to an end.

"Loyalists in the village have maintained a campaign of intimidation against Catholic residents for years. Catholic families have been forced to flee the village in the past year following attacks, and the Catholic owner of the village's solitary pub quit the village after more than 40 attacks on the bar and owner's home." ENDS

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