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Sinn Féin meet PSNI regarding Parade and Anti-Social problems in Keady

30 June, 2008

Local Sinn Féin representatives, Cathal Boylan, MLA and Councillor Darren McNally have met with the Parades Commission and the PSNI in recent weeks in an effort to resolve a contentious annual parade in Keady.

Mr Boylan said:

"Keady Councillor Darren McNally, and myself, as the local Assembly member have been working very hard to reach a satisfactory conclusion to this ongoing issue with the annual Church parade.

"We have had a series of meetings both with the Parades Commission and the PSNI, and at the moment we are awaiting to see if an offer of face to face contact with the loyal Orders will be taken up by those who represent them.

"We believe dialogue is the only way to address this issue. We are hopeful that collectively we can reach a satisfactory conclusion to this problem which is agreed by all concerned. In the present, optimistic climate, we are hopeful the loyal orders will make themselves available to discuss this annual problem."

On a different note, the increased PSNI presence in Keady over the weekend in an attempt to nullify the recent upsurge in anti-social behaviour has been welcomed by the Sinn Féin elected representatives.

Cllr Mcnally said:

"We had discussions with the PSNI regarding the vandalism carried out recently in the Glen area, and the general anti-social element in the town. We highlighted the need for them to be more pro-active in challenging this, therefore we are pleased to see they have responded to our calls and hopefully, that their presence will lead to local people feeling safer throughout the town. Recently many have expressed their anger at feeling vulnerable not only when walking about the town, but within their own homes which is a sad reflection of how bad things were getting." ENDS

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