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Gerry Adams meets Mark Durkan

2 December, 2003

A Sinn Féin delegation led by party President Gerry Adams and including Conor Murphy and Caitriona Ruane this morning met with the SDLP. Speaking afterwards Mr Adams said:

" This meeting is part of an effort to meet all of the pro-Agreement parties and to develop and co-ordinate a pro-Agreement project between us. 70% of the electorate voted for the Agreement and 70% of the MLAs are pro-Agreement. There is therefore a pressing need for us to work out areas of co-operation between us to defend, develop and promote the Agreement.

"This is especially true for Sinn Féin and the SDLP who represent a shared constituency. We need to explore the possibilities of co-operation above and beyond the Good Friday Agreement.

"There is also an onus on the pro-Agreement parties to prepare for the Review to ensure that the principles, structures and ethos of the Agreement are protected and developed.

Commenting on speculation around the Cory Report Mr Adams said:

"If even a small part of the media reports around Judge Cory's investigation is accurate, it reinforces the case we have been making for many years about the depth and extent of institutionalised collusion. The Cory Report should be published immediately and the inquiries should also be held without further delay.

"There has already been too much delay, to many efforts to cover up the truth around collusion. Collusion was part of administrative procedure here for a long time. It involved the highest level of the British government and its agencies." ENDS

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