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Loyalist paramilitary flag should be removed – Sinn Féin

6 July, 2008

Sinn Féin councillor Billy Leonard has said that loyalists should remove the paramilitary flag at Castleroe just outside Coleraine.

He says that it contradicts the obvious changes to some of the flag flying in the area and harks "back to a time now left behind by everyone else."

Leonard added:

"It is obvious that some of the loyalists around Castleroe have to play catch up on this issue. It is clear that a reduction in loyalist paramilitary flags has occurred generally. But here we have people who want to reside in times past.

"This should be an issue dealt with by the community there and the flag removed voluntarily. If that happened it would send a message that the loyalists are prepared to not only respect others but also respect their own community who in general don't want it either." ENDS

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