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Sinn Fein Councillor Anita Cavlan condemns recent outbreak of sectarian graffiti in Ballymoney Borough

8 July, 2008

Sinn Fein Councillor Anita Cavlan has condemned the recent outbreak of sectarian graffiti which has appeared throughout the Ballymoney Borough, over the weekend.

Such behaviour, she claims, generally increases tensions in the run up to the twelfth, at a time when they are already running high.

"I have been contacted by several constituents regarding the anti-catholic graffiti daubed onto the bus shelter in the vicinity of the Golden Plough on the Drones Road, near Armoy. Likewise, members of the community have contacted me to register their anger at the vandalism caused to Dunloy Orange Hall, including sectarian slogans."

"All such activities are attacks upon the community we live in and share, and are to be condemned without reservation. One would wonder about the mindset of those who perpetrate these acts of sectarian vandalism and question what agenda they may be following or who might be directing these actions."

On the subject of shared space, Cllr Cavlan continues;

"The proliferation of unionist and loyalist flags on the Garryduff Road leading into Ballymoney from Dunloy has also to be called into question. The Borough's most popular amenity, The Joey Dunlop Centre, is used and enjoyed by rate payers from all sections of the community. However, the area surrounding it at the moment is festooned by flags which are considered intimidating and threatening by nationalist residents and visitors alike. One constituent counted 45 such flags flying on local utilities' poles and I would ask the question, on who's authority and can such a display of triumphalism by one section of the community over the other, be justified?"


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