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Flag ‘hate crime’ complaint comes as no surprise – Ó Donnghaile

11 July, 2008

Following reports in the media today, that the PSNI have launched an investigation into the Union Jack Shop, which was selling Irish National Flags as 'Fenian Flags to Burn', East Belfast Sinn Féin Representative Niall Ó Donnghaile (who exposed the issue this week) has said the investigation is only right given the situation.

He said,

"It comes as no surprise whatsoever that someone has complained to the PSNI regarding the advertising of the flags. As I said during the week, this display by a business on one of Belfast's main arterial routes was an incitement to hatred and caused a great deal of offence to many commuters as well as those who saw it in the media.

I am sure it won't be the last complaint made given the reaction felt by members of the Nationalist and Republican community who saw this advertisement.

The ironic thing is that the National Flag recognises and embraces the Orange aspect of our culture within the Nation and embraces it within a context of peace and unity.

The onus is now on the PSNI to investigate this sectarian act to the fullest and I, through mechanisms such as the DPP will be following the investigation throughout."


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