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Sue Ramsey MLA and Cllr Angela Nelson joins Lisburn picket line

16 July, 2008 - by Sue Ramsey

West Belfast MLA Sue Ramsey and Lisburn City Councillor Angela Nelson and other Sinn Féin activists have joined striking local government workers on the picket line this morning in Lisburn.

Sue Ramsey said,

"I and other party comrades joined the staff on the picket line here at the refuse dump in Lisburn this morning, to support them in their call for a decent living wage. We must see a resolution to this strike as early as possible.

Cllr Nelson said,

"The local government workers here provide many essential services and their work is much appreciated across the board. Lisburn City Council and indeed other Council's across the North must take urgent action to resolve the outstanding issue of a decent living wage for these workers."


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