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Sarkozy has listened, now Cowen must act - Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, MP MLA

21 July, 2008 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams described today's meeting with EU President Nicolas Sarkozy as useful saying "whilst the process of setting up today's meeting was imperfect it is worth noting that Mr. Sarkosy did what the Irish government have failed to, he has met with and listened to those who campaigned against the Lisbon Treaty."

Mr. Adams said:

"A number of key issues were touched on during the meeting. I noted to the EU President that the reasons behind the No vote were not as complex as he and others have suggested. The Irish electorate were deeply concerned with issues such as democracy, Ireland's loss of power within the EU, neutrality and militarisation, workers rights and public services. Indeed these same concerns are shared by many across the European Union.

"I told Mr. Sarkozy that there can be no re running of the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish people have rejected the Treaty by a clear majority and by the EU's own rules it cannot proceed without the ratification of all member states. The Lisbon Treaty is finished therefore negotiations for a new Treaty must begin.

"Sinn Féin had sought a one to one meeting with President Sarkozy during his visit to outline in detail our proposals following the Irish people's rejection of the Treaty. Whilst we were not afforded the opportunity to do so on this occasion we will continue to pursue our request.

“During the meeting I presented to the EU President Sinn Féin's 'A Better Deal is Possible' document which outlines in details our proposals of what a new Treaty deal must contain.

"I concluded by noting the legitimacy of the EU project will come into question unless the views expressed by the Irish people and shared by many throughout the union are listened to and acted upon." ENDS

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