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Gerry Kelly MLA to address republican commemoration at Gulladuff.

1 August, 2008 - by Gerry Kelly

Gerry Kelly MLA to address republican commemoration at Gulladuff.

Sinn Féin junior minister, Gerry Kelly MLA will be the guest speaker at this weekend's annual Counties Derry and Antrim Republican Commemoration in Gulladuff.

Speaking in advance of the major republcan mobilisation, Magherafelt Sinn Féin councillor, Ian Milne called on all republicans to support the annual commemoration which will take place in Gulladuff on Sunday 3rd August at 5pm.

Cllr. Milne said:

'I would encourage all republicans to come out on Sunday 3rd August to commemorate and celebrate the lives of all of those from the counties of Derry and Antrim who gave their lives for Irish Freedom.

'This is a very important date in the republican calendar and it gives republicans the opportunity to rededicate themselves to the ideals and aspirations for which our patriot dead paid the supreme sacrifice.

'This phase of the struggle for Irish unity, although taking place in a different arena and in different political circumstances is nonetheless just as important. It is imperative that all republicans become political activists in order that we get our message across to the maximum number of people and build the political strength that will enable us to complete the struggle for which so many of our bravest and dedicated volunteers and political activists gave their lives.

'Political activism is the key to building the strength required to make change and drive the agenda for Irish unity and sovereignty. Sunday 3rd of August will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your support for the change that we are striving to achieve. While extending a warm welcome to all nationally minded people,the event's organisers are particularly welcoming the families of our patriot dead, republican ex-prisoners of war and their families as well as young people.'

The commemorative parade will assemble at the carpark opposite St. Mary's Church, Mayogall at 5pm sharp before making its way to the ceremony at the Garden of Remembrance at Gulladuff. The parade will be led by South Derry Martyrs Flute Band.


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