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Sinn Féin slam Campbell on Coleraine threats

11 August, 2008

Sinn Féin councillor Billy Leonard has criticised DUP's Gregory Campbell for failing to confirm if he would work to get loyalist threats against Coleraine nationalists and republicans lifted.

Several people including a mother with three children have received police notifications that they are under loyalist threat of attack.

During a radio interview Leonard challenged the MP to "work with his loyalist network" in the area to have the threats lifted and loyalist guns removed. Loyalists were seen with handguns on Thursday and Friday of last week amidst street trouble in the town.

Sinn Féin has claimed that over a hundred loyalists armed with various weapons attacked nationalists and republicans.

Leonard said:

"Gregory Campbell's reaction to my challenge was disgraceful. He refused to confirm if he would work with loyalists to ensure that people do not have to live with these threats hanging over them.

Instead he hid behind his vague and general remarks about anti-social behaviour. Yet again the DUP has failed to address the real underlying problem of loyalist violence and gun slinging in the Coleraine area.

Last Friday's incidents were the worst in the town for some time. There is a lot of fear around so it is time Gregory Campbell and his colleagues accepted the depth of the situation and acted to deal with it." ENDS

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