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Attack on H-Block memorial “a disgrace” - Brady

13 August, 2008 - by Mickey Brady

Attack on H-Block memorial "a disgrace" - Brady

Sinn Féin Assembly Member Mickey Brady has spoken of his "deep disappointment" at the vandalism of the hunger strike memorial on the Newry bypass.

Mr Brady said,

"To see such an appalling act happen to this memorial is beyond condemnation. The cowards that did this realise that the ten h-block hunger strikers hold such admiration and respect among republicans because of the sacrifice that they made and the circumstances in which they gave their lives. They also realise just how offensive desecrating this memorial is to the republican community.

Those thugs responsible for this need to ask themselves why they did it; Was it jealousy of the hunger striker's courage? Was it blind sectarianism?
Many people feel that this is a direct result of tensions stirred up within unionism by its leaders using the names and memories of the H-Block Martyrs to do so."

Mr Brady continued,

I would call on unionist leaders and politicians especially those involved in the recent attack on Raymond McCreesh Park to condemn this recent vandalism.

I have no doubt that the Republican community here will rise to the occasion and restore this monument to its original state. I would call on people not to be lured into a situation where they feel they must respond to this act, that is not in the benefit of Republicans."


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