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Paisley needs to recognise paramilitary policing went with the RUC

20 August, 2008

Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Antrim and Policing Board member Daithi McKay today said that Ian Paisley Juniors remarks concerning the PSNI shooting so called dissident republicans on sight, were his latest attempts to become relevant after his dramatic fall from ministerial office.

Mr McKay said:

"Since Ian Paisley Junior suffered the humiliation of being forced from Ministerial Office, his contributions to pubic debate have been increasingly nonsensical and irrelevant. This latest outburst certainly falls into that category.

"It also exposes a failure of sections of the DUP to come to terms with the new political realities and a failure to learn the lessons of the past. The PSNI is not the unionist militia it replaced. The days of paramilitary policing have gone with the RUC and cannot return.

"The way in which people will be convinced about the futility of carrying on pointless armed actions which do not contribute to any strategy to achieve Irish unity is to demonstrate clearly that politics works. That means the DUP entering into real partnership government. It means the DUP recognising that there will be no return to unionist majority rule and it means the DUP accepting equality." ENDS

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