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SDLP approach all about petty self interest

27 August, 2008

Sinn Féin MP for West Tyrone Pat Doherty today said that nationalists and republicans would be disappointed as once again the SDLP put selfish party political point scoring above the need to see powers on policing and justice transferred. His comments came after the SDLPs Margaret Ritchie criticised Sinn Féin for standing up to rejectionist unionism and demanding delivery on outstanding aspects of the Good Friday and St. Andrews Agreement.

Mr Doherty said:

"In recent weeks in a desperate attempt to make themselves seem relevant the SDLP have resorted to increasingly bitter and pathetic attacks on Sinn Féin. Today Margaret Ritchie criticises us for standing up for national and democratic rights. She criticises us for standing up to negative and rejectionist unionism. She criticises us for seeking to ensure that the two governments honour their Good Friday and St Andrews Agreement commitments.

"Nationalists and republicans will once again be disappointed by the attitude being displayed by the SDLP. In order to engage in petty political point scoring Margaret Ritchie and her colleagues would prefer to align themselves with the most reactionary elements of political unionism rather than join with Sinn Féin and demand the delivery of peoples basic rights and entitlements.

"The root of the SDLP attacks is of course a struggle within the leadership of that party to accept the changed political landscape. Rather than accept the will of the electorate who have placed Sinn Féin in the position to negotiate and deliver for them, the SDLP have decided instead to sit on the political sidelines and snipe." ENDS

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