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Europe Deserves Better than the Lisbon Treaty

30 August, 2008

Speaking this afternoon at an international event on the Lisbon Treaty in Porto, Portugal Sinn Féin Campaign Director Cllr. Pádraig Mac Lochlainn told the thousands in attendance that the Lisbon Treaty is dead and a new and better deal must be negotiated for the people of Europe.

The Donegal Cllr. said:

“The Lisbon Treaty is finished. Despite what the European Commission members tell us the simple truth is that the process of a new negotiation must now begin.

“Europe needs a new Treaty. One that deals with the shared concerns voiced across Europe by the people themselves.

“Concerns spoken during the Irish referendum on the issues of democracy, militarism, workers rights and public services are not just of concern to the people of Ireland. They affect and animate people across Europe and beyond.

“The Irish people were fortunate that we, unlike the other hundreds of millions of member state citizens throughout Europe, were allowed to vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

“Naturally it is for each member state to decide for themselves the process by which to deal with the Lisbon Treaty.  

“However taking into account the French and Dutch peoples rejection of the Lisbon Treaty’s maligned predecessor, the EU Constitution, no one could disagree with the anger felt by voters in those countries at their government's refusal to hold a new referendum on the Treaty.

“To have essentially the very same document presented to the people again but refuse the people a right to have their say is a perverse demand for any parliamentary institution of its people. 

“Europe’s social model upon which many successes of this continent have been built is under threat. We all know this.  

“It is the responsibility of the European Council to deliver a better deal for the EU. However it is also the responsibility of all of us who argued against the Treaty to outline with clarity what we believe a new Treaty must contain.

“Sinn Féin submitted a detailed document to the Irish government of the minimum such a Treaty must allow for.  The party also published the document entitled “A better deal for Ireland and the EU”.

“The Irish government tells us that there is no appetite for a new Treaty among the other EU heads of government.

“However throughout Europe trade unions, progressive political organisations, anti poverty organisations and indeed some governments have indicated that changes must be made to the Lisbon Treaty. European leaders must engage with public opinion and start building an alliance for a better deal.” ENDS


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