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Unionist paramilitaries target Antrim Sinn Féin Councillor.

2 September, 2008

Unionist paramilitaries target Antrim Sinn Féin Councillor.

Councillor Anne Marie Logue(Crumlin) has been informed for a second time in a week by the PSNI that they have information that Unionist paramilitaries 'attempted to carry out an action' against her on the 29th August.

Councillor Logue said:

"At 2.00 am on Thursday 28th August the PSNI called to my home and informed me that they had information that unionist paramilitaries intended to shoot me. They seemed to take the threat seriously enough to sit outside my home throughout the night.

"At 11.30 pm this morning Tuesday 2nd September the PSNI once more informed me that they had further information that indicated that unionist paramilitaries had 'attempted to carry out an action' against me on 29th August.

"The PSNI will not expand on the minimal information that they provided me which seriously limits the protective measures that I can take for myself and my family.

"The question that I would like the PSNI to answer for me is - are the weapons that these people are intent on shooting me with the same weapons that Assistant Chief Constable Peter Sheridan recently admitted the PSNI know of their location.

Councillor Logue's colleague Mitchel McLaughlin MLA (South Antrim) said:

"Anne Marie Logue is a hard working Councillor who works diligently for all the constituents of Antrim regardless of political or religious persuasion. I call on whoever issued this threat to withdraw it immediately.

"I also call on Unionist political leaders to stop playing politics with an IRA that has left the stage and to use their undoubted influence on those within their own constituency who are still in possession of massive arsenals and are intent on using them."

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