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“Durkan comments a disastrous U-Turn” - McGuinness

5 September, 2008

"Durkan comments a disastrous U-Turn" - McGuinness

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MP MLA has tonight expressed his amazement at comments by the SDLP leader Mark Durkan that power sharing arrangements in Stormont should be scrapped.

Mr McGuinness said,

"It amazes me how the leader of the SDLP would take up and argue the position of Unionists over the past ten years that the mandatory coalition should be ended. The position he has adopted is effectively throwing his weight behind the likes of Jim Allister and other anti peace process elements.

The Partnership Arrangements as defined by the Good Friday Agreement were supported overwhelming the by the people of Ireland, north and south; this proposal from the leader of the SDLP is a total recipe for disaster.

What Mark Durkan is suggesting, is an abandonment of the principles of the Good Friday Agreement and essentially an abandonment of the rights and entitlements of Nationalists and Republicans as secured by that agreement.

This disastrous U-Turn by the SDLP indicates how willing they appear to be to surrender to the DUP and others demands for a return to Unionist majority rule.

The position articulated tonight is evidence of a desperate desire by the SDLP to get into power without the actual mandate to do it.


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