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SDLP position a return to Unionist majority rule – Adams

8 September, 2008

SDLP position a return to Unionist majority rule - Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP MLA is in Enniskillen today campaigning in support of the Party's Enniskillen by-election candidate Debbie Coyle.

Mr. Adams expressed his confidence that the Enniskillen seat is winnable if Sinn Féin can maximise the nationalist vote. "Every vote will count but the feedback thus far on the canvas is very good. "

The Sinn Féin President also criticised the SDLP leader Mark Durkan's revelation at the weekend of a major abandonment of that party's position on power sharing and of the institutions set up under the Good Friday Agreement.

Mr. Adams said:

"Debbie Coyle is an excellent candidate with a strong track record of work in the community and voluntary sectors.

She knows the issues bearing down on the people of Fermanagh and along with her colleagues on Fermanagh District Council, the Sinn Féin team has a first class programme focussed on tackling the many local issues of concern; including housing, transport infrastructure and car parking, tourism, the local economy and jobs, health and neighbourhood renewal."

Mr Adams has also criticised the weekend comments by SDLP leader Mark Durkan in which he effectively called for the scrapping of partnership government in the North.

Mr Adams said,

"What is being proposed by the SDLP leader is the abandonment of the principles of the Good Friday Agreement; and the principles of equality, and of partnership government, and the protections these provide for citizens.

Many nationalists will be deeply troubled by these ill considered and irresponsible comments which would effectively accept a return to Unionist majority rule."


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