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Concerns raised over side effects of Unemployment

9 September, 2008

Sinn Féin Mayor Brenda Chivers has highlighted depression and mental health worries as serious side effects of the growing levels of unemployment in the Limavady borough as the dole queues continue to soar.

Cllr Chivers said:

"The figures released show that unemployment levels are on the increase in the borough with construction workers and those employed in the housing sector being the worst affected group due to the current slowing of the construction and housing sector.

"I want to highlight the depression and mental health effects unemployment can have on people as well as the stresses caused by the increased cost of living. As more people are finding it increasingly difficult to secure employment, they are finding themselves under severe stress with the pressure of paying bills, mortgages, rent and providing food for their families.

"Anyone who finds themselves in a position of overwhelming stress or depression caused by their financial situation should not to suffer in silence and should contact an advice helpline such as the Samaritans on 028 703 20000 or 028 712 65511 or contact LATCH on 77742644 to speak to a professional counsellor." ENDS

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