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Government research evidences no possibility of Lisbon re-run

10 September, 2008

Responding to today’s publication of the governments post Lisbon Treaty research document Sinn Fein Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has called on the government to now knuckle down and prepare the groundwork for the October EU summit.


The Dublin MEP said:


“Today’s research document tells us what we have known since the Irish people rejected the Lisbon Treaty three months ago. Throughout the Lisbon Treaty campaign Sinn Féin stated time and time again that Ireland’s place is in Europe. Today’s report shows the majority of the Irish share our view.


“However the Lisbon debate was never about Ireland being in or out of Europe. It was and must continue to be about the social, political and economic implications of the Treaty content for Ireland, the EU and the developing world.


“The loss of a commissioner, the erosion of Ireland’s neutrality, the undermining of workers rights and declining democracy between the EU and its member states have all been cited as key reasons why the people said no to Lisbon. Again this is nothing new. Time and time again in polls, media analysis and public debate these concerns were relayed to the government.


“It is time now for the government to knuckle down and prepare the ground work for Octobers EU summit. Sinn Fein has already published a document that outlines in detail how the Irish government can address these concerns when it enters into a renegotiation process with our EU partners.


“Minister Martin has today claimed that the government fully respects the vote of the Irish people. If this be the case then the government must publicly acknowledge once and for all that there can be no re-run of the Lisbon Treaty.” ENDS



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