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De Brún supports Copenhagen Pledge at Christian Aid event

13 September, 2008

De Brún supports Copenhagen Pledge at Christian Aid event
Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún has lent her support to the Copenhagen Pledge at an event in Belfast today organised by Christian Aid.
The 'Transformation' event takes place at Grosvenor House Conference & Training Centre, 5 Glengall Street, Belfast. Bairbre de Brún addresses the conference from 14.30-15.30 as part of a panel discussion and there are workshops dealing with such issues as climate change, economic justice and how to lobby politicians and political institutions.
Speaking in advance of addressing the event, Ms de Brún said:
"Many people in developing countries who have done little to contribute to climate change are worst hit by its impact. Floods in some areas and drought in others are among the effects being experienced, with many people who were already facing hardship now hit by failing crops and in some cases acute shortages of drinking water. We in the industrialised countries can and must take steps to prevent further climate change and help those people who are worst hit to adapt to the change that our past patterns of behaviour have brought about.
"It is vitally important that we reach an international agreement following on from the roadmap set out at Bali last year. We must agree on the steps to be taken on emissions cuts, sharing technology with developing countries and help for poorer countries to adapt to climate change. We must agree by the end of 2009 at the latest on what will replace the international Kyoto Protocol so that there will be no shortfall in efforts when the Kyoto period comes to an end in 2012.
"That is why I support the Copenhagen Pledge, which refers to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen next year where the post Kyoto agreement will hopefully be signed. By launching the Copenhagen Pledge, Christian Aid is playing an important part in combating climate change and global poverty and they have my support in their important work." Ends

Note to editor:
Text of Copenhagen Pledge
I pledge to

  • Campaign for a fair and just deal in Copenhagen
  • Lobby the richest to repay their carbon debt
  • Do all I can to reduce my own carbon footprint
  • Pass this pledge on to my community, friends and family

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