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Sinn Féin welocmes move to abolish prescription charges

29 September, 2008

Sinn Féin MLA and spokesperson for Health Michelle O Neill has welcomed the move by the Health Minister to abolish prescription charges in the north of Ireland by 2010.

Speaking today Ms O Neill said:

"This move is long overdue and will make the burden of those suffering illness a lot lighter. Sinn Féin had launched a campaign over a year ago to see that inequalities in health provision were removed and we support the Minister in the delivery of this project.

"As we stand many people on low incomes, including cancer sufferers, were forced to choose between what medicines they could actually afford to get on prescription. This obviously had a very adverse affect on the ability to treat illnesses.

"The move to abolish charges will go some way to addressing health inequalities bringing everybody to the same level and ensuring that it not only a case of those who can pay getting full treatment." ENDS

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