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“South Belfast MP Allister McDonnell votes against environmental improvements in his own constituency” – Maskey

1 October, 2008

South Belfast Sinn Fein MLA Alex Maskey has expressed his disbelief at South Belfast MP Allister McDonnell voting against a motion in yesterdays Assembly, on environmental improvement schemes in the Markets area.

Cllr Maskey said,

"Yesterday I brought forward a motion calling on the Minister for Social Development, Margaret Ritchie, to fulfil the commitments given by her department to the local community in relation to Environment Improvement Schemes in the Markets area; this is an issue of concern for the community living there and it is an issue that I feel worthy of further attention.

I was deeply angered by the motivation of the SDLP MP for the constituency for voting, along with every Unionist in the Chamber, against this motion. It might indeed be true to say that Allister McDonnell is truly out of touch with regards to the needs and aspirations of communities across South Belfast, and shows clearly the contempt that Unionist politicians have for the Market area."


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