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DUP action makes bad situation worse

3 October, 2008

Sinn Fein Assembly member Gerry Kelly today said that the decision of the DUP to block today's planned meeting of the NSMC in Armagh once again raised very serious questions about that party's commitment to power sharing, to partnership and to equality.

Mr Kelly said:

"The decision by the DUP to block a planned meeting of the NSMC, despite that fact that Sinn Féin attended a meeting of the British Irish Council in good faith last week, demonstrates clearly who has difficulties operating these institutions.

"The DUP are refusing to implement what has been agreed, refusing to attempt to seek agreement on other issues including an agreed Executive agenda and now they are blocking the function of other agreed political institutions. Yesterday we were in a bad situation the DUP action has made that situation worse.

"The core of the current impasse is not whether the Executive meets, that is a symptom of the wider problem, as demonstrated by the DUP decision to block the NSMC. The core of the current difficulties is trying to establish whether the DUP are committed to these power sharing institutions, and committed to working in partnership and equality. The decision by the DUP to block today's meeting raises very serious questions about that commitment and lays bare to all where the real problem currently lies." ENDS

Editors Note: Mr Kelly is available to speak to the media today at 2pm at his office 291 Antrim Road

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