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Dissidents offer nothing and can deliver even less

6 October, 2008

Sinn Féin Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Michelle Gildernew MP MLA has stated that the those responsible for the bomb on the Wattlebridge, near to Newtonbutler offer nothing positive and can deliver even less.

Speaking today Ms Gildernew said:

"Those engaged in these activities should stop. They offer nothing positive and can deliver even less. Those who engaged in this activity have little support and their actions will not advance Irish Unity. Sinn Féin have a strategy for Irish Unity and will not be deflected.

"However there is a clear cycle here exposed by Tom Elliot. Those who carried this act out are feeding off those unionists who are trying to slow the pace of change and refuse to engage in a positive and constructive manner.

"In turn, Tom Elliott calling for the return of the British Army is not sensible. He is giving these groups exactly what they want.

"The responsibility of all politicians is to demonstrate that politics can deliver change - social, economic and political change. This includes Unionists politicians who need to play their part in working to move forward together." CRÍOCH

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