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Sinn Féin block Armagh Council Annual Report

13 October, 2008

Sinn Féin Armagh City and District Councillor Mary Doyle has said that the party has blocked the council's Annual Report because of its failure to properly address the issue of equality.

Cllr. Doyle said,

"There have been many council debates about issues such as the Irish Language, flags and emblems policy and the personal attacks that followed the Sinn Féin demand for proper scrutiny of the spending of ratepayers' money. I find it very disturbing that Armagh council in its Annual Report has chosen to ignore these issues.

"Many local people have voiced concerns about the council's flags and emblems policy. While at the same time many unionist councillors seem to view the very mention of the word 'Irish' as a problem.

"Over the past 12 months, substantial work has been done within the council to make a bid to the National Lottery to develop the Demense (council grounds) into a public park. Yet unionists are determined the stall progress by wanting to alienate the many local people who would use the park by wanting the flying of the union jack.

"Armagh Council are to return with a revised report to the Equality Commission and I hope the new report records accurately the ongoing equality issues." ENDS

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