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Sinn Féin demand Top Class dental care for the people of Armagh

13 October, 2008

Following a recent meeting of Armagh Council regarding a pilot scheme for the provision of additional Dental Services for the North, Sinn Féin's Darren McNally has said that his party argued for 'Top Class' dental care for the people of Armagh.

Mr. McNally said,

"We believe that the necessity for dentists to operate in a sterile area is of utmost importance. Rigorous regulation should be applied as high priority to the employment of dentists. We also argued that high standards of health and safety are required to ensure that dental patients enjoy a high quality service of patient care."

Mr. McNally added:

"Throughout the meeting Sinn Féin councillors made a number of suggestions which we feel would increase the quality of care proposed in the pilot scheme.

"We stated that details for those eligible to tender for provision of dental services is too vague and requires further clarification.

"We were also concerned that the Armagh area was not included in the Southern Board locations and questioned if this was due to the fact that Craigavon Area Hospital was often used by patients who were unable to access emergency treatment with their own dentist. We had reservations that this may indicate a movement of services out of the Armagh area, when clearly a local site such as Mullinure Hospital could accommodate the proposed pilot scheme.

"Sinn Féin councillors in Armagh will continue to argue for better healthcare for the people of the Armagh area." ENDS

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