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Dodds grants £1 million for MOD out of local budget

15 October, 2008

Sinn Fein MLA for East Derry, Francie Brolly, has slammed the Department of Finance under Nigel Dodds for giving the go ahead for a payout of over £1 million pounds to the MOD as part of a rates rebate on three Derry barrack sites.

Speaking today Mr Brolly said:

"The Department of Finance and Personnel, under Nigel Dodds, have agreed to give almost £1 million out of the local budgets to the MOD in a rates rebate. This will see £536,104 being reclaimed from the Assembly budget with the rate payers of Limavady being forced to pay the balance of £390,139."

"Not only will this deplete the already pressed budget of Limavady Borough Council but at a time when the Assembly are searching for ways to divert money to help local people with the credit crunch, the handing over of over half a million pound from the overall budget will further strain the ability of the Executive to deal with crucial issues.

"Given the current economic crisis the MOD a getting a good deal out their bases in the north. Not only are they subject to a phenomenal £1 million rates rebate but on top of this the future sale of any barracks will not benefit local people in any way. The monies raised will go straight back to the MOD, not into the Executive as should be the case.

"Nigel Dodds need to come out clearly as to how he can justify this rebate to the MOD.

Nobody wants to see the British army in the North but if they are here they should be paying their rates."

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