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Sinn Féin march and rally planned for Belfast city centre

16 October, 2008

Sinn Féin West Belfast MLA Paul Maskey has said that Sinn Féin intend to hold a 'peaceful and dignified' march and rally during a planned 'homecoming' parade for British forces returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, in Belfast city centre.

Mr Maskey said,

"At the beginning of these illegal occupations, many thousands of Belfast citizens took to the streets to highlight their opposition. This march and rally is a continued expression of that opposition.

"The British army track record in Iraq and Afghanistan, much like here in Ireland, is not one of heroism; it is one of murder and oppression.

"Sinn Féin plan to hold a peaceful and dignified rally during this event in order to highlight the continued opposition to these illegal wars by people from right across the city of Belfast from many different backgrounds.

"It is also to highlight the many victims of the British Army, UDR and RIR here at home; victims of collusion, intimidation, shoot to kill, torture and state murder.

"That is the legacy of the RIR here in Ireland."


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