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Gerry Kelly welcomes UVF gun find

17 October, 2008

Sinn Féin Junior Minister and MLA for North Belfast has welcomed the finding of over 70 UVF linked guns and one thousand rounds of ammunition in Ballysillan today.

Speaking after the find Mr Kelly said;

"Sinn Fein welcomes the finding of this huge amount of guns and ammunition. These guns, which belonged to an organisation that was responsible for countless sectarian killings in North Belfast and further afield, have now been taken of the streets.

"The Obvious question that nationalists across north Belfast will be asking what the UVF were doing with 70 guns and a large amount of ammunition in the city anyway, 14 years after the UVF declared a ceasefire.

"If anything this find reinforces the fact that continued pressure, especially from the British Government and the unionist parties, needs to be brought to bear Loyalist paramilitaries to once and for get all their deadly arsenal off the streets."

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