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Cllr. Tóireasa Ferris selected as Sinn Féin European election candidate for the South

18 October, 2008

Accepting the nomination as Sinn Féin's European election candidate for the South Cllr. Tóireasa Ferris thanked the local organisation for their support and endorsement and said she looked forward to the campaign ahead.


Cllr. Ferris said:


"I would like to thank my party colleagues for their endorsement and support. I am looking forward to the campaign challenges ahead. I believe Sinn Fein is the only political party on this island that is up to representing the Irish people's interest in the EU.


"Of course the background to this European campaign will be different to those of the past. This time round we have the Irish people's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty as on ongoing point of debate.


"From the early days of the Lisbon campaign Sinn Féin highlighted a number of concerns the people have about the direction Europe is taking. This country's place is firmly in Europe. However many of us are ambitious about how we use our place at the EU table. We do not simply want to act as yes men.


"Throughout Europe ordinary people are asking the very same questions we are. They like the Irish believe a better deal for this state and the EU can be delivered.


"Democracy and Ireland's place in the EU, neutrality and militarisation, workers rights and public services were and continue to be areas of concern. Tax sovereignty, nuclear power and the developing world were also raised during the Lisbon debate. Trade unions, farmers groups and many civic society organisations alongside Sinn Féin spent many months highlighting these issues in advance of the June referendum. The Irish government has yet to properly acknowledge or addressed these concerns. Instead government spear intent on reshaping the Lisbon debate to one of Ireland being in or out of Europe.


"This is the backdrop to which Sinn Fein will be fighting its European campaign. We are the only political party in this state to represent the interests and needs of the people of this state. All the main political parties abandoned their responsibility to the Irish people during Lisbon choosing instead to row in behind the interests of the EU political establishment. Shame on them.


"Sinn Féin intends to run a robust and confident campaign throughout the island just as we did during the Lisbon campaign. The unique interests of the Irish people need and deserve a strong voice in Europe. Sinn Féin is that voice." ENDS

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