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Three More Republican Homes Attacked

17 December, 2003

West Belfast Sinn Féin Assembly member Fra McCann has urged republicans to remain vigilant after another three republicans had their homes attacked overnight.

Cllr. McCann said:

"Last night the homes of three republicans were attacked in the St. James area. It appears that ball bearings were fired into the houses at around 11pm. In at least one of the cases the ball bearing passed through double glazing and entered the living room which was occupied at the time.

"It was only through good fortune that nobody was seriously injured or even killed as a result of these attacks. Let us make no mistake about this, these ball bearings are being fired from handgun type weapons and are lethal.

"Last nights attacks are the latest in a series of attacks on the homes of republicans in West Belfast in recent weeks. It is my belief that they are linked and that the information is coming directly from within the Crown Forces. I am urging republicans to remain vigilant in the time ahead." ENDS

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