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Environment Committee to hold enquiry into Climate Change

23 October, 2008

North Antrim MLA and Sinn Féin Environmental Spokesperson Daithí McKay has welcomed the decision by the Assembly's Environment Committee to hold a Public Enquiry into Climate Change. The Committee made the decision after receiving a presentation from Dr Alice Bows from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research on the latest evidence in regard to Climate Change.

Speaking after the meeting Mr McKay said:

"Climate Change is the biggest challenge facing our Environment and there is a clear onus on the Assembly's Environment Committee to take the lead in this matter, especially when you have an Environment Minister who still hasn't woken up to the stark reality of the threat facing the Environment, the economy and people as a result of carbon emissions and human activity.

"There is absolutely no point in setting targets to reduce carbon emissions if we do not plan to meet these targets on a gradual basis and by annual monitoring.

"To avoid 'dangerous' Climate Change global emissions need to peak within 7 years and there needs to be an unprecedented cuts in carbon from energy use. To date the Environment Minister has done very little to address this issue. Indeed, in the recent debate on Climate Change in the Assembly he did not list one thing that he is doing as Minister to address the issue.

"That is quite frightening but unsurprising coming from a man who refuses to rule out building nuclear power plants in the north. Therefore the Environment Committee should take the lead in regard to this issue and look at introducing measures, aside from those included in the Climate Change Bill, which will reduce Carbon Emissions." ENDS

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