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MEPs reject EU Commission plans for Airport Body-Scanners

23 October, 2008

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has this morning slammed European Commission plans to introduce body-scanners into member state airports. Ms McDonald described the technology as “inappropriate and invasive.”

Speaking from Strasbourg, where a majority of MEPs signed a resolution criticising the Commission, the Dublin MEP said:

"This measure is unnecessary, unjustified and invasive. The Commission has brought forward this plan without assessing the impact on fundamental rights or human health or even if they are cost-efficient.

“Much controversy has surrounded the introduction of body scanners into US airports, and here in Europe there is neither appetite nor agreement on introducing the technology into member states. Far too often the EU Commission looks to the US when shaping the union’s security policy. Many of us here in the parliament are deeply concerned about such an approach to EU policy making.

“International human rights and civil liberty groups have described body scanners as ‘shameful, undignified and demeaning’. The idea that any member state parliament would subject it’s young and elderly to such an inappropriate experience when travelling is difficult to rationalise. 

“It is clear now that the EU Commission does not have the support of the Parliament on this issue therefore it has no option but to drop its intention to introduce body scanners into member state airports.” ENDS

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