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DUP inaction on Long Kesh contributing to construction industry job losses

27 October, 2008 - by Barry McElduff

Commenting on the release of a report today by the Constructors Employers Federation (CEF) indicating that 8,000 construction jobs have been lost or are under threat, Sinn Fein Assembly member Barry McElduff said that the decision by the DUP to stall for the past year on the Long Kesh site was directly contributing to job losses in the construction industry.

Mr McElduff said:

"The CEF Report indicates that 8,000 construction jobs have been lost or are under threat. This at a time when the DUP continue to stall on the issue of the Long Kesh site because of divisions within that party on the way forward. And this is not simply the issue about the stadium. The Long Kesh site consists of hundreds of acres and initially there is the potential for hundreds if not thousands of construction jobs.

"Firstly Edwin Potts failed to act. Now Gregory Campbell alienates sporting bodies and ordinary nationalists with almost every single public pronouncement he makes. It would be much better if Mr Campbell dropped his corner boy approach to being an Executive Minister and got on with doing his job.

"No doubt the DUP will cry crocodile tears over the situation faced by the construction industry while at the same time failing to acknowledge that they have directly contributed to this situation because of their inaction." ENDS

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