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Sinn Fein hold peaceful and dignified rally

2 November, 2008

Sinn Féin and families of British State violence today (Sunday 2nd November) held their rally in opposition to the British Army's military parade through Belfast City Centre.

A rally was held in Dunville Park, Belfast, where Sinn Féin North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly and Mark Thompson from Relatives for Justice spoke to the assembled crowd.

Almost 3,000 demonstrators marched down the Grosvenor Road to the protest line at Fisherwick Place.

Speaking after the event Gerry Kelly said,

"The families of victims of state violence and Sinn Fein committed ourselves to holding a solemn, peaceful and dignified protest rally. That's exactly what was delivered today.

"We have always made it clear that the singular focus of our protest was the British military parade, and highlighting the plight of those families bereaved as a result of collusion and state violence. The British State policy of collusion is an issue that the British Government and their armed apparatus cannot hide from, and the massive demonstration held today highlights this fact.

"What the British Army has done in Ireland is wrong and the same wrong is being inflicted on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan today.

"I want to commend all of those who took part in our rally and who acted in such an appropriate and dignified way, despite enormous provocation. The conduct of our families and protestors stands in marked contrast to the sectarian and violent reaction of those who claimed to be on the streets today to welcome home the British Army. The onus is now on those public figures who called people out onto the streets in opposition to our protest to account for the unbridled sectarian behaviour witnessed in Belfast today."


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