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Sinn Féin responds to Cory Report

18 December, 2003

Commenting on the publication by the Irish government of their sections of the Cory Report, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Justice matters Gerry Kelly demanded that the British government now publish their sections of the report.

Mr. Kelly said:

"The British government must stop stalling on inquiries into the killings in which British state agencies were involved. Judge Cory has reported yet we are now witnessing further delays, excuses and stalling. The families involved are entitled to the truth.

"Neither the British government nor its agencies have accepted responsibility for collusion, the arming, organising, resourcing and direction of loyalist death squads, the killing of hundreds of people and the protection of those responsible. There have not been thorough investigations in these cases. On the contrary British state agencies have denied involvement and systematically concealed the truth. Even in the context of the Saville Tribunal, established by the British government, the British state has withheld, hidden and destroyed vital evidence.

"There is no denying that there was a brutal conflict in this part of Ireland for 30 years and that many, many people suffered as a result. But one of the key issues, so far unacknowledged, is that the British state was involved in a policy of systematic murder and violence against whole sections of the nationalist community." ENDS

Here you can download the sections of the Cory Report published by the Irish Government today.

Section 1

Section 2

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